Colloquia for Intelligent Sensing, Measurement and Actuators

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European Meeting in Optical Sensors (EuMOS) 2021

In the past few decades, we have seen an immense amount of curiosity pertaining to light-matter interaction (and also, light-light if you are a Star Wars fan). The breakthrough advent of lasers has been the primal cause and it has led to its application across various fields ranging from medical science to environmental sensing to optical monitoring, and many more. The curiosity is only deepening with time and we, at CISMA, are bringing you closer to understanding the ‘force’ that is driving the field. Europe Meeting for Optical Sensing (EuMOS) brings together distinctive ideas in the field under one roof. We will have a variety of speakers, from PhD students to PIs, speaking about their research and the brightness of its own future. To see you there, we hope.

Advances in particle detection

This webinar will centre on the challenges behind detecting and characterising subatomic particles and their decays. An introductory discussion on the theory and importance behind subatomic particle detection will be provided by Dr Christoph Englert, followed by talks from Prof Monica D’Onofrio, Prof Daniela Bortoletto, Prof Craig Buttar, who will be discussing their work in the ATLAS experiment.