Space Industry

Craig Fleming, Head of Business Development, R3 IoT Limited

With COP26 fast approaching, sustainability has never featured higher up on the board’s agenda – but how can you improve sustainability, if you are only dealing with the tip of the iceberg?

R3-IoT’s Craig Fleming will discuss why new IoT technologies alone will not provide industry with the insight to activate sustainable change, and why space communications technology is the missing jigsaw piece to meet net zero targets.

Jesús Lucero Ezquerro, Analyst, Orbital EOS (Earth Observation Solutions)

After having worked 12 years in aerial remote sensing for the Spanish Maritime Safety & Rescue Agency (SASEMAR), Orbital EOS embraces new technologies in order to fly higher. Using Space Technologies + AI to foster a privileged vision of maritime data with both optical and SAR sensors, being pioneers in the first one. A network of Earth Observation radar and optical satellites promotes a constant, proactive and cost-efficient monitoring of assets, even at remote locations. Synergy among different constellations offers unprecedented capabilities in terms of coverage and frequency of monitoring.

Paula McGregor, Ecometrica

Ecometrica specialises in downstream satellite data applications to embed and operationalise environmental and risk based insights in new markets. Paula will introduce Ecometrica’s Earth Observation work with a focus on 2 key projects; Forests 2020, and the Scottish Earth Observation Service (SEOS). With a focus on environmental monitoring, each of these programmes utilise satellite assets for good, helping to protect and monitor the natural environment. Topics covered will include use of satellite derived data for supply chain monitoring (specifically in West Africa) and user requirements for satellite applications in Scotland.

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