S2HF: Symposium for a sustainable Human Future – 28th September 2021

What is S2HF?

Can technology end our reliance on unsustainable fossil fuels? How can we ensure a stable global economy for food production and supply? How will our ageing population affect society? What impacts, good or bad, will robots and AI have on our future lifestyles?

CISMA would like to present S2HF: Symposium for a Sustainable Human Future. In this event, we aim to bring some of the most pressing societal and environmental challenges to light, and to discuss potential solutions to those challenges. We will be addressing four topics: Long-term Models for Global Food Security, Sustainable Energy Harvesting, Future Demands of an Ageing Society, and the Impact of AI and Robots on our Lifestyle.

Who is coming to S2HF?

Long-term Models for Global Food Security

Prof Marian Scott
University of Glasgow

Prof Geoff Simm
University of Edinburgh


Sustainable Energy Harvesting

Mr Greg Jackson
CEO & Founder of Octopus Energy

Dr Aristides Kiprakis
University of Edinburgh

Future Demands of an Ageing Society

Prof Sarah Harper
University of Oxford

Prof Ian Underwood
University of Edinburgh

Impact of AI and Robots on our Lifestyle

Dr Adam Stokes
University of Edinburgh
Mr Sherin Mathew
CEO and Founder of AI Tech North

With our speakers’ bright minds leading us towards new solutions, the future of humanity is not entirely uncertain. What is certain, however, is CISMA’s excitement to be present for the inception of these ideas, and that you will be there to witness them with us. The Symposium for a Sustainable Human Future will consist of open panel discussions between the speakers, followed by Q&A sessions. 

The full-day symposium will be held on Tuesday 28th September 2021, at the Royal College of Physicians (Edinburgh). S2HF is a hybrid event: Tickets are available for in-person attendance and online streaming for those who want to attend virtually – both options free of cost! Registration can be found here.

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