Climate Change Quiz – Explorathon 21

What is the Climate Change Quiz?

This quiz is for students aged 10-12 and is intended as an informal assessment to evaluate knowledge/learning as part of a climate change unit.  The quiz is most fun if social distancing allows for teams, but individual students can play as well.

How does it work?

There are 25 questions divided into five rounds, which should take about 60 minutes to complete and discuss.  Each round can be played separately over several classes if time is a factor (this may also be a good option to jump start individual lessons in your unit).  The first four rounds consist of six questions each, and the single question in Round Five is intended to introduce students to COP 26 and/or the Paris Agreement.  

There are additional resources in the slide notes for further information and activities for specific topics, and a printable answering sheet is included.

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