Our vision is to provide a platform to allow people from different scientific and technological backgrounds to develop original solutions to the challenges facing society, using state-of-the-art technologies and research. We aim to create a positive, inclusive, and dynamic environment to promote creativity and the development of transferrable skills for all those who participate in our activities.


Our mission is to connect early-career researchers, scientists, and engineers (including students, PhD researchers, and postdocs) to the knowledge, experience, and resources of senior researchers and professionals.


CISMA currently runs an ongoing series of monthly seminars highlighting cutting-edge research in the broad fields of sensing, measurement, and actuators, as well as wider issues surrounding research culture and practice. These seminars include representatives from both academia and industry, from Scotland and further afield. We also host a small number of full-day conferences each year in collaboration with other groups.

We are currently developing an outreach programme to highlight and promote research in sensing and measurement to a wider non-specialist audience. This programme will begin rolling out in early 2021.

CISMA Committee

We are proud to be represented by a diverse and enthusiastic committee with members from all around, fulfilling key duties and roles.

Salvador Barranco Cárceles, PresidentIan Bennett-Wright, Seminar Team ManagerOliver Higgins, Outreach Team Manager
Kayleigh Doherty, Vice-PresidentAlberto Moreno Guerrero, Seminar Communication Delegate Andrew Earle, Outreach Communication Delegate
Conor Coughlan, TreasurerAlix Bailie, Seminar Communication DelegatePatricia Kloihofer, Outreach Communication Delegate
Fiona Moore, Quality ManagerGreg Myles, Seminar Communication Delegate Shan Zhang, Outreach Communication Delegate
Akhil Kallepalli, IT Manager  
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